Sunday, 6 December 2009

Summary for new joiners

Hello All, The Council has announced a new plan re: the parking situation in the area. If you would like to see more of the whole story, please do scroll to the bottom of this page and click on older posts and work your way back to the beginning. However in summary...

We had a residents meeting last week and the outcome was that many residents wanted to write to the Council to voice their concern about the proposal and how the consultation is taking place. They asked for a list of contacts and a summary of the points we discussed.
In short the Council plan, very shortly, to conduct 3 different neighbouring consultations simultaneously.

  • They will ask the current Lloyd Park (LP) zone to the west of the Park if they want to change the days and hours of their current zone. This is in response to complaints from those roads about the 7 day a week, 13 hour a day restrictions imposed.

  • They will ask Winns Ave if they want to be removed from the current zones they are in. The section of Winns Ave that is in the LP will also be asked what hours they would prefer as above.
    The results and effects of any changes made will not be known as...
  • They will simultaneously be asking a large area to the North of Winns Ave (back to Billet Road) if they want a new zone put in place.
    The consensus at the meeting was that the introduction of the LP and Winns Ave Zones caused many of the problems residents now face to the north and that changes to these zones could significantly alleviate those problems. For example if Winns Ave votes out and LP votes for 5 days a week for limited hours, this would free up an enormous number of parking spaces and potentially returning the neighbouring roads to the situation before the zone, without the cost and inconvenience of imposing a new zone.

We wrote back to the Council about the concerns about the process of the new consultation at the recent meeting and suggesting some changes to the draft we were sent. To date neither Cllr Belam not Tom Wright from his office has replied, though we did have a response from Cllr Macklin which was largely unhelpful and confused. For example, in response to our statements of concern that residents raised he asked why we kept asking questions. We weren't, we were telling them what was discussed at the meeting. It makes it difficult to send him a helpful response. Will let you know when we hear from the relevant people.

Best wishes,