Sunday, 24 January 2010

Anyone seen the consultation?

Hello and Happy New Year.
No news as such to report from the Council. We received a response from Councillor Macklin to our feedback after the meeting. It was garbled, badly spelt, took no notice of our points, quibbled over not being invited to our residents meeting (we aren't invited to their meetings about the CPZs and they are making decisions about our lives!), in short it was a rant and we didn't think it worth a response. He copied in his fellow Councillors and personally I hope he is embarassed about that communication, as it was a deeply unprofessional response to a perfectly civil email from a community group.

A member of Friends of Lloyd Park forwarded us a message that had been sent around their email group. I thought I'd copy some of this text here as it is relevant to our concerns... (hmmm it appears that I can't paste the mail - I'll post this and try and figure it out.) The gist is that visitor numbers to the park and the various facilities and clubs are down and that one of the criterion of the lottery grant is increasing visitor numbers (the only park for miles). There was concern that the park will only be usable by those who live nearby, are able to walk (or my addition are lucky enough to live on a direct bus route and are able to use it). Another point is that Friends of Lloyd Park seem to have been told dates for the consultation, which is really useful (and worth noting that the Council have not told us this information, even though they are very familiar with us). Looks like the end of consultation is te 19th Feb.
If anyone gets the document through their door, it would be great to know when the consultation starts - though I'll email and ask the direct question today.
Best wishes all:)