Sunday, 24 January 2010

Anyone seen the consultation?

Hello and Happy New Year.
No news as such to report from the Council. We received a response from Councillor Macklin to our feedback after the meeting. It was garbled, badly spelt, took no notice of our points, quibbled over not being invited to our residents meeting (we aren't invited to their meetings about the CPZs and they are making decisions about our lives!), in short it was a rant and we didn't think it worth a response. He copied in his fellow Councillors and personally I hope he is embarassed about that communication, as it was a deeply unprofessional response to a perfectly civil email from a community group.

A member of Friends of Lloyd Park forwarded us a message that had been sent around their email group. I thought I'd copy some of this text here as it is relevant to our concerns... (hmmm it appears that I can't paste the mail - I'll post this and try and figure it out.) The gist is that visitor numbers to the park and the various facilities and clubs are down and that one of the criterion of the lottery grant is increasing visitor numbers (the only park for miles). There was concern that the park will only be usable by those who live nearby, are able to walk (or my addition are lucky enough to live on a direct bus route and are able to use it). Another point is that Friends of Lloyd Park seem to have been told dates for the consultation, which is really useful (and worth noting that the Council have not told us this information, even though they are very familiar with us). Looks like the end of consultation is te 19th Feb.
If anyone gets the document through their door, it would be great to know when the consultation starts - though I'll email and ask the direct question today.
Best wishes all:)

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  1. Hello everyone

    I wanted to make contact with you to fight this proposal and 'consultation'. I run small business in the proposed zone and emply lots of local people in a time of economic downturn.

    We are a small school set up by parents and employing lots of people from a wide area, many of whom are mothers for whom this is a job that is also a life-line.
    We are situated in Penrhyn Hall, Penrhyn Avenue, (opp the doctor's surgery) Our children are from 2 years of age. the school was established in 2001.

    We have only just found out about the planned CPZ in our area, yet it probably affects us more than any other organisation (to rub salt in the wounds, the council were even allowed to use our school building for their meeting last night!)
    Our parents come from the local are and further away, they will ALL now have to purchase an annual permit to drop their children off at the school. This will range from £15 to £90. Often both parents will do the 'school run' on different days meaning that 2 permits are needed.

    Our staff, as already said, most of whom have part-time teaching jobs to fit in with their own families, will have to buy permits costing an unbelievable £550 per year. This is what some staff take home in pay each month, so this would equate 1/12 of their annual salary.

    We are visited daily by peripatetic staff such as music and french teachers aswell as speech therapists, educational psychologists and also prospective parents coming for a look around. All of these will need vouchers for parking. These would only be available for us to buy at business rate and would cost us hundreds of £'s each month alone.

    Incredibly, as an organisation, we are only given the 1 residents vote, despite the fact that this will affect 100 people and could generate the council £15,000......

    I am trying to get as much parental support at the school together, as well as the staff. We have produced a leaflet for local residents and want to ensure that this goes thru all doors next week. We need to make sure that everyone returns their form. Forms that are not sent in will be counted as a 'yes'.
    I would like to make contact with other groups/individuals out there to help us fight this together. Can anyone help with leaflets? There is another meeting this Saturday in Penrhyn Hall - we plan to give out leafllets there, but need to make sure they also go through doors.

    Please email me:

    thanks very much