Sunday, 20 September 2009


This is a really important post for anyone interested in what is going on and what is about to happen. We met with the council and this is what happened.

The council finally let us know what they have done since the last meeting in March. They carried out some survey work, of occupancy of the roads in the area at different times of the day (a Tuesday and a Saturday).

They took note of vehicle licence numbers only in order to see who had stayed over night and was back that evening (residents they are assuming), who had come to park during the day ("visitors" or commuters) and not so that they could check DVLA records which is what we had been told.

I have a copy of the occupancy maps, which were colour coded by road, under 70percent occupancy, 71 to 80, 81 to 95 percent and over 95 percent. It makes for interesting reading and I'm happy to send people the occupancy numbers for their road if they would like to know. I'd scan it but it is massive, if you would like to see it I can bring it round.

A brief summary is that they surveyed on 2 days at 5am, 12:00 and 19:00 on a Tuesday and a Saturday.
Carr and Fleeming take the brunt of the problems the new extension has created with Elphinstone too suffering and roads out towards the Billet roundabout also above 95percent overnight. Whether these roads have problems related to the extension, which is pretty far from them is another question. During the day on the Tuesday they surveyed Carr and Fleeming are at least 81 to 90 percent occupied, with Fleeming hitting over 95 percent at 1900 on the Tuesday but not at weekends.

Winns Ave (in the extension, having voted against it) was under 70 percent occupied the whole time except for one small stretch in the LP zone, which went into the 71 to 80 bracket for the 5am time. There is a relevant point coming up regarding the other roads in the LP zone. (I have asked for the actual figures as, as a resident I know that often it is under 40 percent occupied and this is an important point). Either way it shows that Winns Ave is half empty during the week and at weekends.

There were 3 main points they raised (and I'll outline my opinion in the next post as I think there is a fundemental flaw)

1. They have had complaints from residents of Diana Road at the length of the restrictions imposed, saying that weekends etc are overkill. We have had residents from Badlis Road come to us and say the same thing, even though their restrictions are longstanding. The council are proposing to re consult Diana, Badlis and Winns Terrace about the hours of their restrictions. They will be given the options of reducing the days and hours of the restrictions, but not the option to remove them. They also already intended to put pay and display metres in Winns Terrace, they seem aware of the great under utility of the road there.

2. The area to the West of Diana road between Winns Ave and Forest Road (though not including Winns Ave) will be left as it is and not reconsulted. That's Mersey and the rest of the perpendicular roads currently in the WA zone.

3. Winns Ave will be reconsulted and offered the option of removing the restrictions all together, and if they decide they do want it what hours would they like. In the previous consultation Winns Ave voted firmly against and when forced to make a choice on hours went for the least restrictive options. It is now half empty and has restrictions 6 or 7 days a week over very long hours. In addition they have had complaints from Winns residents. For all of these reasons they are being given the option to remove the restriction all together.

4. They will consult the area North of Winns Ave up to the roundabout if they want restrictions too. They do not want to include the option of weekend restrictions as evenings are the main problem and 7 day a week restrictions cause complaints and distruption for all sorts of reasons.

In addition to this it became clear that a couple of residents in Carr would vote differently depending on the outcome of the reconsultation in the current zone. And so we asked that the Winns Ave restrictions be abandoned so that residents of surrounding streets could see the level of improvement. They said this wasn't possible.

I suggested doing the Winns Ave and LP zone reconsultation first (a very small area compared to what they are proposing to consult and the only bit that is legally time dependant), making any changes so that residents could be fully informed and see the outcome before consulting for a further extension to the north. They said this wasn't possible. And so agreed that a question could be added to the consultation so that "if Winns Ave vote against" and "if Winns Ave vote in favour" could be taken into account.

Personally I think there is an enormous flaw in this now I have had a chance to think about it, if the council had let us know what we were going to be discussing in advance it could have been sorted out at the meeting I'm sure. More on that in the next post.

So that is how it currently stands and they are looking at reconsulting at the end of Oct as legally they have to make modifications to the Experimental Zone within a year of bringing it in and that is rapidly approaching.

Thoughts appreciated. (If I have missed anything / mixed anything from the meeting, do let me know!)
Best wishes

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Dear all, I'm sorry for my prolonged absence and for the comments that consequently have only just been made public as they were unmoderated. All up now.

This evening some of us went to the council meeting that Lorna mentioned in the previous post. It was an interesting meeting and there is much to report. I'll be updating this again at the weekend, there is quite a lot to mention and I want to make sure I get it right! (residents of Mersey road, don't worry nothing will change for you, nobody was trying to get rid of the scheme, just make it usable, acceptable, more convenient and cost effective so that more people were happy.)
I'll post more at the weekend.
Best wishes