Thursday, 17 September 2009


Dear all, I'm sorry for my prolonged absence and for the comments that consequently have only just been made public as they were unmoderated. All up now.

This evening some of us went to the council meeting that Lorna mentioned in the previous post. It was an interesting meeting and there is much to report. I'll be updating this again at the weekend, there is quite a lot to mention and I want to make sure I get it right! (residents of Mersey road, don't worry nothing will change for you, nobody was trying to get rid of the scheme, just make it usable, acceptable, more convenient and cost effective so that more people were happy.)
I'll post more at the weekend.
Best wishes


  1. Your blog is very informative. I have gleaned more information from your pages than I have from elected councillors! (who, by the way are responsible for introducing this CPZ extention - Cllr Reardon for example is a Cabinet member who voted for it)

    Can you tell me if residents in Bedford Ave, Dudley Road, Bromley Road, Chingford Road (espically the left hand side because we do not have big front gardens to park our cars in our front yards!!) and those who live in Chandos, Kennilworth and Farnan Avenues are to be re-consulted.

    You'll be interested to know that residents of flats above commerical properties in Hoe Street are allowed be park freely on a Sunday but not residents of Chingford Road. This whole situation is farcial - expect nothing better from this Council.

  2. Hello there, I know the whole situation is farcical. I will take a look at the map that I have of the area over which they did the parking survey and see if I can figure out if you are to be consulted. I think the answer is yes, for Bedford Road - but let me check and get back to you. Hopefully when the council send us their draft it will include what areas will be covered. But to date lets face it it's been like blood from a stone!
    Best wishes,

  3. Hello sorry for the delay - I've just seen a copy of the reconsultation doc and the answer is yes, Chingford road etc are being reconsulted.