Wednesday, 11 November 2009


The Lloyd Park Centre, which provides lots of valuable services to the local community, kindly agreed to let me stick up a copy of an email that was written to the council (and cc'd to some of us concerned about parking in the area) to illustrate the problems caused to the centre by the current parking arrangements.

For those who are interested in the issues of parking in the Lloyd Park area; I would like to share with you some recent data that illustrates the impact of the CPZ.
Comparing data about The Lloyd Park Centre's services and activities from the last quarter (July - Sept) against the same period in 2008 found the following:
1) The centre's reach was down by 272 people and,
2) The volume of users over that period was down by 514 people.
Through both periods when this data was collected the centre provided roughly the same services and activities with the same opening hours and number of staff. We continue to receive numerous complaints about the CPZ especially for families with more than one under 5, very young babies, or those who are accessing the centre after daylight hours. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the problems facing local residents; however the solution to the problems created by the CPZ should consider the needs of the whole community. I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this and would appreciate any comments or advice.

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