Monday, 8 March 2010


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  1. Dear Resident,

    The deadlines for responding to the Council’s consultation on controlled parking zones in William Morris Ward has now passed. However, this does not mean that residents cannot continue to make their views known to the council about the way in which the council and its officers have managed car parking arrangements in the area and the Council’s current consultation exercise on controlled parking zones. Residents can lodge a formal complaint using the Council’s formal complaints procedure which the council is required to investigate and respond to in writing. However, it is important that, when doing so, residents head their letter/email to the Council

    “Corporate Complaint”

    That way it means the council must follow its formal complaints procedure.

    The Council’s formal complaint procedure is a two stage process governed by agreed council policy, including deadlines for it to respond in detail and in writing. However, once this process has been completed, anyone who remains dissatisfied can refer matters to the Local Government Ombudsman who will consider matters on the basis of “things that have gone wrong in the way a service has been given or a decision has been made if this has caused problems for you. When investigating matters, the Ombudsman acts independently and does so in detail, including requesting that the council makes available to the Ombudsman all its relevant information.

    William Morris Car Parking Action Group (WMCPAG) continues to campaign for fair access to car parking for everyone in William Morris Ward and thinks that the way in which the council, its officers and councillors have dealt with matters is, to say the least, far from satisfactory.

    All residents whether or not they are in favour of the current status quo, should continue to make their view known to the council until such time as the council shows it has acted properly and its officers have a strategy for car parking that makes sense and which ensures that all residents of William Morris Ward are treated fairly. Something that at the moment does not seem to be the case.

    Please continue to contact WMCPAG using this email address. The account will continue to be monitored, but unitl the release of the consultation results we will not be answering or commenting on emails unless an urgent reply is recognized or requested.

    However, WMCPAG will send out any updates or important information where and when necessary.

    We will be back up and running 100% at or near the time when the results of the consultation are due to be released.

    Kind regards