Sunday, 14 February 2010


Dear all,
Someone has been posting leaflets over the official council notices informing residents that a consultation is taking place. We reported it on Friday morning, but they were still there Friday night. I removed as many as I could see and they were reposted yesterday. Just as a reminder - this time last year our group attached a few laminates to lampposts to inform residents about our group - we were reported and they were taken down overnight. We didn't know it wasn't allowed (there are lost pet / missing posters and community notices on our lamposts all the time and they are not removed). However, since then we have not repeated this action. My point is that when perfectly sensible community notices are put up (but imply residents might like to meet up about a community issue) the council took immediate action. Nothing was done about defacing the council notices with leaflets in favour of 7 day a week restrictions. I'll leave you to your own conclusions.
Best wishes,


  1. For the third time lately, whilst out walking the dog, I've just removed another load of these posters from on top of the official council notices. I even removed one from the planning permission notice outside the Lloyd Park Centre.

    The irony is that the person who's doing it is most likely to live in Winns Avenue, which was HALF empty tonight as I walked up and down it taking down the notices.

    The posters are so selfish they might as well be signed "I'm Allright Jack".

  2. Hi Sarah - me too! I have removed at least 3 lots, also from the official notices, stapled to the trees and posted over planning application notices. Personally I think it is a Winns Terrace resident - Winns Ave residents voted against being in a scheme, there are 2 residents on Terrace who are outraged that they are even being asked again what days they would like to be in a zone - I've seen the SHOUTING emails. I'm Alright Jack sums it up brilliantly. Andrea

  3. Afternoon again, I've just had a run in with the Winns Terrace (my mistake in the first post - I meant Terrace) resident pasting up these notices. I'm sure he reads these blogs for his own amusement so Hello! He really is the most obnoxious, selfish and odious individual you might ever wish to come across. When I pointed out it is an offence to post the notices he replied "no it isn't, i've checked it all out luvvie". He also said it was none of my business if I didn't live in Winns Terrace - posting them at the top of Fleeming Road makes it my business in my opinion.

  4. Luvvie? What a charmer!
    It is everyones business if it effects you and frankly I live on WInns Ave and he is defacing my road too - I would really love to meet this chap! What a patronising bully! We have tried to avoid personal abuse on this site and just put the alternative view to the councils, but this chap (and if you are reading this, welcome) takes the biscuit.
    I take down any of these signs I see and hope everyone will join in the fun!

  5. Another article appeared on the Waltham Forest Guardian news site today, which drew my attention to the photo of the 'phantom' fly poster, holding up his posters...