Saturday, 20 February 2010

Leaflet from Vincent and Roy

While I'm not going to get into a slanging match on these issues, all residents are within their rights to express their opinions, I'd like to address a couple of things in the leaflet that I'm sure many of you received last night like I did.

Firstly the WMCPAG did not request the consultation/reconsultation. Back in March last year we presented the difficult issues that residents were facing due to the CPZ imposition to the Council and asked for a discussion as to how these could be addressed. These were issues faced by those within the zone as well as outside. The Council said they would get back to us in 3 weeks with ideas, they didn't - in September last year this consultation plan was presented to us as a done deal, no discussion. It was not what we wanted at all, but the Council went ahead anyway.

The re/consultation is being done because individual residents complained. These included residents from Winns Ave (yes including me, as an individual not on behalf of the group), Badlis Road, and Diana Road as well as those from outside the zones. Also I was not the only resident of Winns Ave to not receive the original consultation documents and therefore was not allowed my say. And those who did get the opportunity to vote, voted against being in the zone.

I began this blog as a personal blog back in March last year - a resident of Winns Ave who was not at all happy about the CPZ. It is not fair to say that the WMCPAG is solely people from outside the zone, I've met many unhappy Winns Ave residents over the last year.

While I'm sure Roy and Vincent do truly believe what they wrote, I'm afraid they are wrong on some of the issues they raise - and the Council have acknowledged all of the above, so I'm not sure what complaints about the group would be for or about, to be honest. Anyway. I'll take another read of their leaflet when I get home and respond properly.
Best wishes all,
Andrea (winns ave)

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