Thursday, 18 February 2010

Vote Now!!

Hello all,
Please do remember to vote! I only got round to it yesterday, too much time removing illegal flyposters and almost forgot!
On the flyposting issue, just FYI I asked the council to look again at this activity, they are going up about twice a day. Please take them down if you see them, it is an illegal activity and it is essentially vandalism. We have stuck to legal and responsible methods. Our local corner shop has been taking these posters down too, they have even been put up on his shop! Outrageous.
We will be leafletting Winns Ave tomorrow/early weekend to encourage people to vote and to put forward some information the the Council hasn't passed on. We will have put leaflets through a couple of thousand doors when this has been done, thanks to everyone who has given up their time and facilities to help achieve this.
Best wishes,

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