Saturday, 13 June 2009

Responses to letters

Hello All, I wrote a letter to Cllr Belam at the start of May outlining my issues with the CPZ and how the council has conducted itself and copied it to lots of people (cllrs reardon, gladstone, the Mayor, our london assembly member etc). In addition I made a formal complaint to the Traffic Orders Office, which is what it said to do on the notice that went in wfm magazine.
Since then I have received an acknowledgement letter from Tom Wright (I assume to the Traffic Orders letter) and this morning from the Mayors office saying unless it involves red routes they don't intervene. And that is it.

Just been outside to see how many cars are between the Park and Fleeming, photos to come....


  1. mmm,I emailed him earlier this year and got a crap reply from some flunky-I was not impressed,shall I forward it so it can be included on here?

  2. Yes why not - I am astonished at the lack of communication from Belam, he was previously supposed to write to me and instead gave a stock answer to a question I did not ask to Cllr Wheatley who wrote back. It was jibberish. How can Cllr Belam feel so unaccountable? He is an elected official.