Saturday, 20 June 2009

William Morris Safer Neighbourhoods police

Hello,this is my 1st post on here,I thought I'd help Andrea as its quite a job to maintain a blog on your own!My posts will probably be about day to day goings on in Fleeming road and the surrounding roads.

I saw the most ridiculous bit of parking in Fleeming road at school kicking out time during the week,a car was parked right across the pavement crossing point for the school,and poking out into the road,all because he couldnt park where he wanted-to me it seems that this is on the increase and is a result of the CPZ,yet I never see any traffic wardens about at this time,and this is a danger to the local children and pedestrians.

Because of this,I ended up having an interesting chat with a P.C from the William Morris Safer Neighbourhood Team Police and he told me that the team have noticed a big increase in problems in the WM area since the introduction of the CPZ on Winns Avenue-I will ring him again and see if I can get anything more official on here-it seems everyone is feeling the negative effects of the CPZ!

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