Saturday, 6 June 2009

Stories please.

Had a great suggestion in, we can use this site to collect stories and anecdotes about how the changes have affected us. We can chose the best ones that show a range of issues for the main website.
Also please do add links to the box on the left (if you can, I think anyone can otherwise paste them into a post and I'll try and copy them over) for anything you think is interesting or relevant.
Best wishes


  1. the usual problems finding a space last night after work (00:30),I ended up on Pennant Terrace,even though there were as usual, loads of empty spaces on Winns Ave,Fleeming road was jam packed as usual,not even the spaces o/s the school were free.Before this CPZ was introduced I never parked on Winns Ave,but occasionally had to park on Pennant Terrace.It seems to me that Fleeming is suffering the worst as I wouldnt usually try to find a space on Carr road as it means going round and round the block.
    Bizarrely,there are spaces on Fleeming today (1300),I cant even play musical cars today though as I am off out to work again shortly.
    NOT looking forward to trying to park when I get hom tonight at midnight!!!

  2. [IMG][/IMG]

    to prove it!!!(Fleeming road-the 1st time Ive seen it empty even on a Sunday for months!)

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