Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Saturday, Winns Ave practically empty...again

Not sure what happened there, the pics disappeared! Here are pictures of Winns Ave between the park and Fleeming road and there are a total of 8 cars parked, on the first Saturday in June. Hardly an overwhelming need by residents for restricted parking at weekends, I wonder how many people on Fleeming and Carr could have done with one of the many many spaces free. And how many visitors didn't visit relatives, the park, local businesses, the Lloyd Park Centre etc when they would have, before this was brought in?


  1. this is every day reality for our streets...while winns ave. is virtualy empty we have to do gimnastics with our cars to park bump to bump in carr, fleeming and elphinstone roads...

  2. Hello everyone
    I'm on an early shift at work this week, and I took the opportunity to look at the parking situation in our area at 6am on Monday. (It's an exciting life I lead...)
    You'll be in no way shocked to hear that Carr Road was totally packed, while Winns Ave was deserted. I counted 30 cars on Winns Terrace, so that was basically half full.