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I thought I would post this reply I recieved way back in January in response to my complaint about the CPZ and my request to know why such a stupid thing had been bought in at the expebse of the surrounding roads.No doubt it will look famlair to some of you as it is a bog standard reply sent to all.

> Dear Sir or Madam,
> Councillor Belam has asked me to acknowledge your email about parking
> congestion. At the end of 2008 the Council implemented a Controlled
> Parking Zone (CPZ) in the area between Forest Road and Winns Avenue.
> Within the zone most parking spaces are reserved for 'permit holders
> only'. Permits are issued only to people who live or work at an address
> within the zone.,
> Since the new scheme was implemented the Council has been contacted by
> a number of residents of Elphinstone Road, Fleeming Road, Carr Road and
> Pennant Terrace reporting parking congestion in this area. Council
> Officers have visited these roads and observed a high density of
> parking, as residents have described. Parking enforcement in the new
> zone started early in January. After the scheme has had time to settle
> in the Council will in due course carry out surveys and site
> observations to assess the effects of the scheme and this will include
> looking at the parking density in roads outside the zone, including your
> own, which might be affected.
> If, as you may fear, parking transfers permanently into your area as a
> result of the schemes now being introduced then CPZ extensions may be
> considered in future subject to consultation with residents. Council
> Policy is that permit parking schemes are introduced only in areas where
> consultation has been carried out and a majority of replies are in
> favour.
> Public consultation for the new CPZ took place last July. Relatively
> few requests for permit parking schemes had been received from your area
> compared to other areas where CPZs have been agreed and at that time the
> Council’s parking policy gave priority to schemes within half a mile
> of the main transport hubs and town centre areas. For these reasons
> Elphinstone Road, Fleeming Road, Carr Road and Pennant Terrace were not
> included in the consultation area. Since then parking policies have
> been reviewed and in future priorities will be agreed based on an
> assessment of the level of public representation campaigning for a
> scheme together with the level of problems identified on street from
> surveys and site observations. The previous policy giving specific
> priority to transport hubs and town centres no longer applies.
> Petitions or requests asking for a permit parking scheme may be
> submitted either via your Councillors, by writing to Waltham forest
> Council, Public Realm, Low Hall, Argall Avenue, London E10 7AS or by
> emailing If you want to speak to your
> Councillors about this policy or any other issue their contact details
> can be found on our website at:
> Parking schemes are not funded from Council Tax or Business Rates
> therefore charges are made to help cover the cost of running the scheme.
> In all Waltham Forest Controlled Parking Zones the standard charge for
> a resident permit is currently £45 a year for the first vehicle, £85 for
> the second vehicle and £115 for the third and subsequent vehicle (these
> charges are approximately halved for a low C02 emission vehicle, or
> doubled for a high emission vehicle). Business permits are available
> but the annual cost is considerably higher - £390 for the first two
> vehicles at a business address and £550 for subsequent vehicles.
> Short-term permits for visitors (50p for an hour) are also available.
> More details about permit charges are on the website at:
> If you wish to object to the Traffic Orders for the CPZ scheme please
> see paragraph 6 of the public notice (also attached) which was
> published in the Waltham Forest Magazine (WFM) dated 17/11/08. The
> experimental orders came into force on 1st December 2008 (although
> enforcement did not start until January) therefore the Council must
> consider and respond to any objections received within the six month
> period from that date, or from a later date if variations or
> modifications are made.
> yours sincerely
> Tom Wright,
> Waltham Forest Council, Traffic Team,Low Hall, Argall Avenue, London E10
> 7AS.
> Tel: 020 8496 1039
> email:
> Web:
> Roads & Parking:

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