Thursday, 16 July 2009

From Nick - a comment that deserves a proper post!

From Nick
Dear All,
A serious question to be answered, 'was due process followed' during the implementation of the CPZ on Winns Avenue?
Well, it seems NOT!

Firstly, I have it on spoken authority (and from email communications) that the report of the consultation response was not passed to William Morris Ward Councillors for final viewing before being approved and signed off by Councillor holding the Environment Portfolio.

In addition, the initial results of the consultation revealed that only four replies were received from the residents of Winns Avenue; 3 of these replies said NO to the CPZ and 1 said YES. The entries for residents that did not reply to the consultation were taken as an AUTOMATIC YES vote!

In addition it seems that not all residents of Winns Avenue even received a copy of the consultation questionnaire! Surely it is vital to ensure that each household definitely receives a consultation questionnaire on such a contentious matter! A simple check list that is officially signed off by a senior member of the consultation team would ensure this is carried out.

Letters of ‘corporate complaint’ have been sent to the Chief Executive of the Council Andrew Kilburn and the replies received just recently are due to be taken to the next step in the complaints procedure.

All the best,Nick.

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  1. In the response to the corporate complaint I made included a copy of the survey that I was supposed to have received in the consultation last summer - I have never seen this document before in my life. I kept all of the letters thinking they would come in handy when the survey arrived and I now realise it never did. Another of our number on Winns Ave also said he didn't get one and had to ask - by which time the deadline had passed. What muppets did this survey anyway? The cheapest bidders? Or could it have been done badly deliberately? Or am I giving them too much credit and they are simply incompetant? I know if I did my job that badly I'd be sacked.