Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lorna's story

I think it would be a fab idea if we could get a selection of residents to post their stories on here,you can email us or leave a comment and we'll make it into a post.

I live on Fleeming road,and in the 8 years or so I've lived here this is the worst the parking has ever been-obviously it has got busier over the years but the dramatic increase in vehicles parked on Fleeming when the CPZ was my first warning of the CPZ been introduced.

Parking could always sometimes be tricky,but I could usually always park in my own road if I came back from work before midnight and as a shift worker,I return home at various times,so I think I can say with some accuracy that the parking is at best difficult at anytime of the day now,even returning from supermarket shopping during the day its nearly always impossible to park anywhere near my home.And returning from work in the early hours usually means I have to park in Elphinstone or Pennant Terrace (sorry residents!)-just what I need after a 16 hour shift!

I have also noticed an increase in commercial vans parked in the road,and cars that are parked in the same spot for weeks on end,leaving the residents not able to move their cars into view of their flats.This is important to me as my car was broken into recently,and I feel that this may have been due to the fact it was parked out of my sight-before CPZ I always parked or moved my car to outside my flat for security,and my neighbours knew it was my car if there were any problems.
For me the answer would be to get rid of the CPZ-you only have to look at Winns Avenue to see how few people park there,I am sure that many of those residents park in Carr and Fleeming roads,and I dont blame them with the price of the permits!Why should the people who live in Carr/Fleeming and Elphinstone be so disadvantaged by a CPZ that it seems the few voted for?Why arent CPZ permits free per household anyway-and charge the people who drive in to work in the area to park instead,as far as I can see this is a pure money making scheme,if it was only to solve the parking problem surely the permits would be free?


  1. I write from Mersey Road, and I'd like to add a few more words in SUPPORT of the CPZ, which has led to a colossal improvement for those of us who live in turnings off Forest Road. No one has mentioned the one way system, which had the effect of funnelling traffic from Forest Road into just one or two turnings. These then suffered disproportionately from heavy traffic and outsiders parking. Those living further north really don't know how bad it was! And those who want the CPZ withdrawn are just being selfish.

  2. I take offence at that comment Terry,the post is MY story and we at WMCPAG recognise that everyone has a different opinion,so we ask that everyone respects that and doesnt get offensive about it.
    Thw WMCPAG was set up by the residents of Carr,Fleeming and Elphinstone initially who have been disproportionatly affected by te CPZ being introduced on Winns Avenue.