Friday, 17 July 2009

William Morris Ward Panel results

Myself,Andrea and Nick attended the William Morris Ward Panel meeting on Tuesday and I thought I would post the analysis of the 3 priorities as set by the Ward Panel from the SNT,as you can see not all of it is strictly relevant to WMCPAG,but as we are all residents it may be of interest to you anyway.

The SNT were very helpful in answering the questions we had and it was worth going to obtain information,even if it was an 'experience'!I think it was John at the WMCPAG who mentioned that the council were checking the number plates of cars parked in and around Fleeming road,Carr road and Elphinstone road and I asked this at the meeting and realised pretty quickly that the councillors were very protective of their methods.I asked on what authority they checked the numbers to obtain information and how was it a reasonable use of that authority?The answer I was given was that they were checking where the car owners lived-was it in the area or outside etc,which to me was not a reasonable excuse to access private information,especially as its not actually an offence/parking offence to park in these roads,regardless of how annoying and frustrating it is!This would have made more sense at the deciding stage of the CPZ rather than now in my opinion.

The SNT said that the kind of car crime they were seeing was surprisingly theft of number plates and theft from cars rather than theft of car and that had increased in the time the CPZ had been in force,whether this was due to crime being condensed because of the sheer numbers of cars attracting thieves to the said roads or for other reasons they weren't totally sure,but we all agreed that it may also be that people arent moving their cars for longer periods now and they are also parking them out of sight rather than being able to park or move their cars to outside their homes so that it was in sight or in neighbours sight.They also mentioned that they were planning on holding a vehicle crime awareness van (sorry I cant recall all the details) soon in Lloyd Park-I'll post details on here when I have them.
I hope this isn't going off topic but I do think its a symptom of the hated CPZ!

The next Ward Panel meeting is to be held on 15th September 2009 at The William Morris Community Centre on Greenleaf road (Hoe st end) and anyone who is resident in the area is welcome to attend.

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