Sunday, 26 July 2009

From Traci

Being on Carr Road, we are also victims of the zoned parking overflow. Even the delivery people complain. It feels like we have all the second cars people don't want to bother with permits for on our street. We finally solved our problem by selling our car, but that's a luxury many people can't afford.


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  2. Thanks for your comments Traci, welcome. Deliveries and parking in Carr is clearly a signficant problem, made all the more galling by the emptiness on Winns Ave (see photos). I think you are probably right, all the second cars and visitors from Badlis, Winns Terrace etc parked on Winns Ave (which I never thought had a problem coping with that, esp at weekends, my visitors never had a problem parking near my flat). Now they have given us hugely overzealous CPZ hours (try and find anywhere else in the borough with 7 day a week all day restrictions) even though Winns Ave voted against it all the second cars from Terrace Badlis etc as well as Winns Ave have been pushed on. They have a clear plan to make it so difficult for Carr Elphinstone and Fleeming that they ask for a CPZ and the council continue to rake it in. They are behaving shamefully.
    Do feel free to comment more Traci, good to see you on here.