Tuesday, 7 July 2009

reply from Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

This is the very interesting reply I recieved from the William Morris Safer Neighbourhood Team regarding the problems that they have seen directly resulting from the CPZ,not least the increase in vehicle crime (see my previous post!).I did offer that we would work with them in publicising any initiatives re:CPZ problems on this blog-not sure if that will be seen as impartial,but it does make you wonder,'is there anyone at all who is in favour if this CPZ?'

I have been patrolling down those two roads, Fleeming and Elphinstone, during school-exiting hours this week and I have seen for myself the problem with people parking up at the school in the restricted area.

I have made a note of who I have warned about their parking in this area, and should I see them again I shall be issuing tickets to them.

As for the CPZ; yes, we have seen an increase in vehicle crime around Fleeming, Carr and Elphinstone Roads since the introduction of the CPZ earlier this year. We have stated this on a few occasions to the council. We understand the residents' feelings about the matter and it would make our jobs a bit easier as well if CPZ was changed or, at least, somewhat amended.

We are in the process of doing some late-night ops to try and tackle vehicle crime on our ward. We are also being pro-active in giving the residents crime prevention advice, in the form of house-to-house checks and a regular scheduling of a crime prevention vehicle that can dispense crime prevention items and advise residents on how best to secure their vehicles. We are hoping that this two-pronged approach will get the results that we are looking for.

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