Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's not just the shop owners at the park....

Hello All,
I went out this evening and posted a few leaflets through the doors of the LP section of Winns Ave down to the shop at Mersey Road. And on the windscreens of cars with visitor permits in.

The lovely chap who runs the shop on the corner of Mersey (and I'll be taking him laminates in the morning) this very day got a ticket while on business in the shop (on top of what they pay for the bay) and he told me of a Mersey resident, with a permit, who has been clamped (thats over £250 apparently, which I was amazed by the council are raking it in). He had made the mistake of parking in the shops bay, on Mersey Road. Not that the shop owner minded, but rules are of course rules.

I'll try and do another stretch tomorrow night and I'll post any stories here. Enjoying talking to the shop owners, what a lovely bunch:)
Best wishes,

PS I received a reply to my email to Bob Belam! 3rd time lucky. No sign that he had actually read the email, but progress nontheless.

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