Thursday, 2 July 2009

More photos...

Hello all, just some more pictorial evidence that the CPZ on Winns Ave is totally un necessary, particularly at weekends. It is shameful.
I meant to take pics outside my flat this evening to show something else that is happening, there is so much space that nobody is parking properly, leaving half a car space between vehicles making the road look fuller. If they parked properly it would be really easy to see how little of the space is taken up by residents.
I received a nice response from Neil Gerrard MP who of course said it isn't anything to do with him, but he said that he was aware of the problems and sent the process for making a corporate complaint.
Interesting that I have still not had a response from Bellam and that is who the letter was written to. I may write again. I am sick of the arrogance and lack of accountability of locally elected officials. Does anyone else think it is time to start the PR machine? John could you put me in touch with the journalist lady who came to the meeting so that we can talk it over?
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