Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hi Fiona, you are very welcome to post on here the more the merrier.

All WMparking is about is finding out what the issues are and trying to work out an equitable way forward. We aren't campaigning for anything in particular, just for the council to take account of all views (Winns Ave LP voted against for eg.) and to work out something that works better than it does currently for a lot of people in and around the zone.

My issue for example is that I too live in the LP zone and it is desperately inconvenient and costly - I don't own a car and it'll cost me £156 a year for my boyfriend and family to visit occasionally when it only costs £45 for a car owner to park all year round. I don't think that non-car owning resident are being treated fairly and am shocked at how few cars there are on Winns Ave at the weekends. Others on Winns Ave have relatives come for daily childcare, medical care and it is costing them a fortune. So my particular bug bear is I think that if you don't have a car you should be able to have a transferable permit (allocated to your address) for the same cost as a car owner, to have the convenience and cost effectiveness that car owners have.

Others (from the surrounding roads who were not even consulted) have the issues of crowding you mention along with many others, arguements between neighbours, an increase in car crime, impossible deliveries etc. So that is what we are about - and we welcome those in favour too! - we are about trying to find a better way forward for everyone.

Welcome! (and if you would like to post, just say and I can "invite you" and you can post rather than comment:)
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